If you’re looking to create an immediate impact within the Cancer Support Community of Greater Ann Arbor while also securing your family’s future, consider establishing a chartiable lead trust. This involves transferring funds or other valuable assets into a trust that disburses payments to support the Cancer Support Community of Greater Ann Arbor for a designated period. Once this period concludes, the remaining assets within the trust are directed toward your chosen beneficiaries, such as your family.

Charitable lead trusts offer two distinct methods for making contributions to the Cancer Support Community:

1) Charitable Lead Annuity Trust: This type of trust guarantees a fixed annual payment to the Cancer Support Community. It becomes particularly appealing when prevailing interest rates are relatively low.

2) Charitable Lead Unitrust: Operating differently, this trust disburses a varying annual amount to the Cancer Support Community based on the value of the assets held within the trust. If the trust’s assets appreciate in value, the payments to the Cancer Support Community increase as well.

By opting for a charitable lead trust, you not only contribute to the Cancer Support Community’s mission but also structure a strategy that takes care of both your immediate impact and your family’s future well-being.